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Craft-Bamboo Racing Completes FIA GT World Cup Qualifying with P9 and P16 in their Two Porsche 911 GT3 Rs

Craft-Bamboo Racing completed the FIA GT World Cup qualifying session in Macau with a P9 and P16 finish in their two Porsche 911 GT3 Rs. Laurens Vanthoor scored P9 in his #911 EVISU Porsche, while Hong Kong driver, Darryl O’Young, took P16 in the #991 VLT Porsche.

It was an intense half-hour qualifying session as the world’s best drivers and GT cars went head to head for pole position. Vanthoor consistently kept the EVISU Porsche in the top ten throughout the course of the session as he battled the 6.2km street circuit. Managing to claim P9 with a 2:18.657s, Vanthoor was on his final flying lap and was looking quick when he struck the wall of Fisherman’s Bend, spinning the #911 Porsche and ending his session. While the damage doesn’t look catastrophic, the team will need to dismantle the car to find out the full story. A P9 start puts Vanthoor in a good position to make his way through the field in Saturday’s qualifying race and hopefully he will be able to work the EVISU Porsche towards the front of the grid for Sunday’s main race.

Darryl O’Young fought hard throughout the session but was unable to find the pace to battle the leaders for pole position. He pushed the #991 VLT Porsche over the course of qualifying and was able to make improvements but was held back. This caused him to miss out on another crucial flying lap with fresh tyres, which ultimately forced him into a P16 finish with a lap time of 2:20.128s. Starting P16 will be a challenge for O’Young but with 13 years of Macau experience to back him up and the unpredictable nature of the Guia Circuit, the VLT Porsche still has plenty of time to make its way up towards the front of the pack.


Richard Coleman, CEO of Craft-Bamboo Racing

“Slightly difficult qualifying performance for us today, we struggled to dial the car in with limited track time and particularly in the middle of the lap, despite setting good sector times in one and three, we struggled with pace. This was compounded by an off for Laurens at the end of the session. The damage doesn’t look too extensive, but we need to get the car back to have a good look. Hopefully, we can make some progress tomorrow and anything can happen in Macau and it usually does.”

Laurens Vanthoor, #911 EVISU Porsche

“The whole weekend we have been a bit behind and I haven’t had the pace to fight the guys in front. It was better in qualifying but in the end I tried to go all in and I made up some positions but I lost the car in the second last corner. I tried, it didn’t work, that’s Macau.”

Darryl O’Young, #991 VLT Porsche

“Overall the session was ok, the team had a pretty good strategy but there were just a few delays, which made us miss the second lap on the final set of tyres, so the second set only got one lap. It is disappointing because I think we could have gone quicker. We wanted to be higher and sixteenth is disappointing but there are still two races to go, so we will fight all weekend and see what we can come up with