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Ganten Water announces partnership with Craft-Bamboo Racing for the #991 Porsche 911 GT3 R of Mathieu Jaminet

12 November 2018
For Immediate Release

12 November 2018
For Immediate Distribution

Ganten Water, one of China’s leading water brands, confirms partnership of the Porsche Design #991 Porsche 911 GT3 R for the 2018 FIA GT World Cup at the 65th Macau Grand Prix, held at the world-famous Guia Circuit on the streets of Macau from the 15th to the 18th of November 2018.

The #991 Porsche 911 GT3 R will be driven by official Porsche driver Mathieu Jaminet. The exciting young Frenchman has had previous experience with Craft-Bamboo Racing, having raced with the Hong Kong outfit at the Suzuka 10 Hour earlier in the year. The 24 year old demonstrated his tremendous talent to the team in Japan, which was further confirmed this fall after he claimed an impressive championship win in the 2018 ADAC GT Masters.

Ganten Water’s drive to succeed and expand in the international market mirrors Craft-Bamboo Racing’s status as an international racing team, and the sponsorship for the Macau Grand Prix supports both brand values of success on and off the race track. Craft-Bamboo Racing’s expertise at the Macau street circuit will complement Ganten’s industry-leading water manufacturing and packaging technologies, and the team are pushing hard to take the world title.

To celebrate this partnership, Porsche Design presents “Auto Reflections by Thomas Sandfield”, a bold photography project. The “Auto Reflections” photo collection showcases the special chrome Porsche Design Porsche 911 GT3 R, shot at vibrant and dynamic scenes in the streets of Hong Kong through the lens of award-winning Norwegian photographer Thomas Sandfield. The Porsche 911 GT3 R that featured bold Ganten Water logo branding was photographed in great detail, blending the functional engineering design and artistic influence from city. A press conference and VIP customer event was held last Tuesday at the Kong Art Space in Hong Kong, exhibiting the 15 artistic photos as well as the unveiling of Porsche Design Porsche 911 GT3 R. Ganten Water was served to all the guests and media that attended, which capped off a fantastic evening of art and motorsport between a mix of lifestyle and car enthusiasts alike.

Craft-Bamboo Racing are looking forward to the highly anticipated, blue-riband weekend and have their sights on the FIA GT World Title. Preparations for one of the most important weekends in global GT racing are in full swing, and the team are aiming to end the 2018 season on a high, with the support of new team partner Ganten Water.

Macau GT Cup – FIA GT World Cup Timetable
Thursday [15.11.2018]
Free Practice 1 1225 [30min]
Friday [16.11.2018]
Free Practice 2 1230 [30min]
Qualifying 1610 [30min]
Saturday [17.11.2018]
Qualifying Race 1305 [12 Laps]
Sunday [18.11.2018]
Main Race 1225 [18 Laps]

Ganten Water
Established over 20 years ago, Ganten has quickly grown within a group enterprise to not only be a leader in the production of drinking water, but an advocate for the development of material science. It has invested in developing innovative yet fashionable packaging in the drinking water industry, acquiring the best manufacturing equipment to achieve their desired results. Ganten’s drive for high quality mineral water sources has given the Chinese water company a good reputation internationally, achieving awards for quality and high standards.

With a focus on building a stable global strategy, Ganten has set up several overseas production bases to expand their production capabilities. The production facility in Italy has gone into operation, which has become China’s first drinking water company with its own overseas production base. In addition to the international expansion of production bases, Ganten also has distributors set up in Hong Kong, Macau, Italy, Australia and 10 other countries. This distribution strategy was set-up to cope with the international consumer demand for Ganten Water.

Porsche Design
Porsche Design, a name synonymous with iconic design and performance oriented sportswear, accessories and electronics, is no stranger to motorsport. In 1963, Ferdinand Porsche created one of the most iconic design objects in contemporary history: the Porsche 911. Ferdinand Porsche’s vision to take motorsport beyond the racetrack is evident in Porsche Design’s product line from day one, starting with The Chronograph 1 in 1972, to the Porsche Design 911 Soundbar today, which was built from an authentic Porsche 911 GT3 exhaust system.

A benchmark in the fashion and exclusive lifestyle industry, Porsche Design has always drawn inspiration from motorsport, transferring design and technology from the racetrack to their products from day one. Porsche Design’s involvement in the Macau Grand Prix highlights Ferdinand Porsche’s founding inspiration that established the contemporary design house.

Thomas Sandfield
Sandfield, a globe-trotting photographer, was inspired to bring to life the energy of the car and the energy of the city. Sandfield captured the iconic silhouette of the 911 GT3 R against the striking architecture of the city. At night, Sandfield experimented with the vibrant techni-colour lights bouncing off the sleek, reflective livery.

The composition of the images perfectly encapsulates yet redefines automotive photography.

“This was the most energetic project I’ve ever worked on” – Thomas Sandfield


Russell O’Hagan – Operations Director, Craft-Bamboo Racing
“We are very pleased to welcome Ganten on board the 991 car for the 65th Macau Grand Prix. To have one of China’s leading water manufacturers as a sponsor for such an important race is a great pleasure.
Come the event I am sure the car will remain front and centre of attention as we welcome Mathieu back to our team following a faultless performance in the Suzuka 10 hours. The first Macau is always a right of passage for any driver and it’s a test I am sure Mathieu will pass with flying colours. We are well prepared and I know we will be challengers. It’s very exciting and we look forward to hitting the track soon!”

Mathieu Jaminet – Driver #991 Porsche 911 GT3 R
“Super excited to be back with the team, it’s going to be a great event to join Craft-Bamboo Racing for the FIA GT World Cup in Macau. It’s also going to be my first time on this crazy track, I’ve heard so much about it and watched so many races there. It’s going to be really nice to finally be part of it and get my first experience driving there.

For sure it’s not going to be easy as I have never driven there and we have very limited track time before qualifying and the races. But I’m really looking forward to the challenge and I know the Craft-Bamboo Racing guys have a lot of experience there. My teammate Darryl will try to guide me and bring me up to speed as quickly as possible, giving me lots of tips. It’s going to be a really good weekend and I hope for a very strong result.”

Ganten Water
“The Macau Grand Prix has received much attention, and the competition is full of infinite aristocratic atmosphere. Ganten is the number one bottle water brand in China, it has been committed to conveying as “water aristocrats”. Racing is fast and water is quiet, and together they represent a self-supporting, positive and noble aristocratic lifestyle. Ganten is looking forward to work with Craft-Bamboo Racing to deliver this lifestyle to more people.”

Thomas Sandfield – Photographer & Filmmaker
“This was one of most exciting projects I’ve ever worked on! To photograph the Porsche Design Porsche 911 GT3 R was a special opportunity to shoot a rare subject, and Hong Kong’s vibrant ambience showed off the car’s curves and reflective livery perfectly.