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In 2019, an ambitious partnership between Haier Washing Machine and Craft-Bamboo Racing saw the creation of the Formula Haier, a working proof-of-concept Formula car powered by a Haier washing machine motor. With motorsport being the ultimate proving ground for testing technology, strength, and reliability, the Formula Haier was the chosen platform to show the world how robust the Haier washing machine motor truly was.

To put the five-motor Formula Haier to the ultimate test, Craft-Bamboo Racing took the washing-machine motor driven car to the world-famous Nurburgring. A short film, titled “Formula Haier – The Next Generation” was filmed to cover this next phase in the Formula Haier project, and showcases the upgrades as well as the on-track debut of the Formula Haier. Further placing the Formula Haier on a global stage, Haier Washing Machine exhibited the Direct-Drive washing machine motor-driven formula car at the IFA show in Berlin in September 2019.

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