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Gravity Partnership is a leading architectural firm dedicated to creating unorthodox and ground-breaking architectural designs. Composed of passionate industry professionals, the firm delivers non-conventional architectural designs and work processes.


Since 1999, Hong Kong Asia Medical Group took innovative action to found Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital. As the leader of Chinese privately funded hospitals, Hong Kong Asia Medical Group has opened up a new chapter in heart disease diagnosis and treatment in Central China.


Hong Kong Asia Medical Group has initially fostered a new partnership with several hospitals to provide wider access to high-quality medical resources.

evisu logos-01.png

Initially only around 14 pairs of jeans a day were created, each one caringly hand-painted with the now famous seagull logo. EVISU captured the imagination of the detail-obsessed Japanese fashion crowd and spurred a revial of interest in vintage denim which spread around the world. Today EVISU has gained critical acclaim, as one of the ultimate denim must haves, is internationally know and embraced by both collectors and hipsters alike.

Freem Racewear White.png

FREE MINDS srl company was born in the year 2001. The 3 members were a group of friends united by the passion for technology and innovation; they started with an R&D studio, oriented to offer a design and technology service to the sport companies located on Treviso area.

Kaze KN95_WH.png

KAZE helps champions stand proud in a crowd and do so in style, even when you are pulling G’s. Coming in different colors and sizes, KAZE lets you be as playful as your personality. The mask’s 5-layer construction tents up over the nose, so you can breathe easy. Rest easy, too, as KAZE is lab tested worldwide for how well it blocks out particles and bacteria. All this to combine comfort, protection, and style in one seamless package. Let KAZE be your partner on the road of life, so you can focus on the thing that matters most - winning.


With 30+ years of achievements, POAD has established its status as the leader of the outdoor advertising industry in Hong Kong. Since 1989, POAD has committed itself to reshape the city's advertising landscape. We transform overlooked spaces into high exposure platforms for our brand partners, through mediums like our iconic rooftop signs and impactful tunnel networks.

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