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Haier and Craft-Bamboo Racing display the Formula Haier at the IFA show in Berlin

This past weekend, the Formula Haier was displayed at the IFA Show in Berlin.  The IFA show is the world’s largest consumer electronics trade fair, with 1,800 exhibitors receiving over 250,000 visitors at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds in Berlin. Spanning over 161,200 square meters of exhibition space, the IFA show presented the latest products and innovations to industry specialists as well as the general public. The 5-motor Formula Haier was presented at the Haier booth to key retailers, buyers and experts, showcasing the innovation and forward thinking encapsulated within the project.

A short film capturing the Formula Haier's on-track debut was released, titled "Formula Haier - Nurburgring". The film shows the Formula Haier being put through it's paces, as well as providing an in-depth look into the upgrades in this second phase of the project, going into technical details of the single-motor to 5-motor drivetrain development. To put the upgraded Formula Haier to the test, Craft-Bamboo Racing took the direct drive washing machine motor-driven car to the world-famous Nurburgring. The Nurburgring circuit, reknowned for its’ high-speed corners and significant elevation change, is the ultimate proving ground for automotive manufacturers due to it's unforgiving nature. Despite the circuit's steep inclines, Haier's Direct-Drive washing machine motors were able to power the car around several laps of the Nurburgring, successfully concluding this ambitious technological challenge.


In May 2019, Craft-Bamboo Racing and Haier Washing Machine created the Formula Haier, a formula car powered by a single Haier Direct-Drive washing machine motor. To further push the boundaries of possibility, Craft-Bamboo Racing undertook the challenge to seek ways to increase performance of the Formula Haier, increasing the power output by fitting five Haier FPA 28-36 Electromagnetic Direct-Drive motors to the drivetrain. 


Russell O’Hagan | Operations Director of Craft-Bamboo Racing

“The Formula Haier project is about using motorsport to prove the strength of Haier's Direct Motion washing machine motor technology.  The fact the car can be driven on the Nurburgring using washing machine motors straight out of a washing machine, is a true testament to the quality of the products produced by Haier.  Consumer events like the Berlin IFA show is the perfect venue for Haier to showcase this innovative project, and there was a lot of interest in the car.  We are also happy to launch our film showing to the world Craft-Bamboo Racing's test drive on the Nurburgring Circuit in Germany. The car will continue on tour the next few months and we're extremely proud to be a part of this project.”

Kevin Sun | Haier Washing Machine Public Relations Media Director

“It was great to display the upgraded, 5-motor Formula Haier at the IFA show in Berlin to the hundreds of thousands of trade and public visitors. The value of brand exposure to the hundreds of thousands of that we achieved at the world’s largest consumer electronics show is no doubt above our expectations. In addition, it was also a great accomplishment for Craft-Bamboo Racing and Haier Washing Machine to debut the Formula Haier at the Nurburgring, being the toughest and most challenging circuit in the world. The short film, “Formula Haier - Nurburgring”, perfectly captures the moment of our next step in this fascinating project.”


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