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About Us

Who We Are

Craft-Bamboo Racing competes on motorsport’s world stage, contesting GT and Touring Car series around the world, while also taking part in a number of invitational endurance events each year designed to take cars and drivers to their limits. Enjoying a multitude of success throughout our numerous race programs, Craft-Bamboo’s achievements are a testament to the independent team’s ability to exceed expectations.

Our team has years of world championship experience and is positioned as something truly unique in the global motorsports industry, with our staff laying claim to being involved in no less than six world championships and two Le Mans 24 hour victories.

Operating multiple international race programs would not have been possible without the devotion and enthusiasm our staff have for Craft-Bamboo and the motorsport in which they are involved in. Our goal has always been to create an integrated team that can design, build and win for ourselves and our partners.

What We Do

Craft-Bamboo Racing have competed in numerous programs, spanning the World Touring Car Championship, World Endurance Championship, Asian Le Mans Series, British Touring Car Championship, GT Asia Series and the TCR International Series. The team has not only notched up wins in every category but has also taken championship titles in various series.

Focused on delivering the highest levels of performance and innovation, Craft-Bamboo Racing is intent on achieving success in each endeavour it pursues. We are proud to represent our partners not only as clients but as our strategic allies, working alongside each other for mutual benefit. Our success on the race track is a reflection of how we operate when we are off it; engineering excellence into everything we do.

Based in Hong Kong and Silverstone, we are the only company that can offer our partners such a high level of international experience and combine this with access to the Pan Asia Pacific and Greater China Markets. Our mix of the best European and Asian knowledge is applied to make us unrivalled at providing customers with the engineering solutions and race management needed to win championships.


Frank Yu, Chairman

Chairman and founding partner of Craft-Bamboo Racing, Frank Yu, brought together some of the world’s finest talent to achieve his vision of creating a global motorsport powerhouse. His dedication, leadership and business experience has established a foundation and vision for Craft-Bamboo Racing’s success in the years to come. Frank is also a talented GT driver who has competed in a number of top series and events around the world, taking wins in a variety of competitions.

Richard Coleman, CEO

Richard has over ten years of world championship level experience working with numerous factory teams in top level programs. Under Richard’s leadership, Craft-Bamboo Racing has become a regular front running outfit in the WTCC, WEC, TCR, and GT Asia Series despite competing against factory backed teams. Richard has been an elected member on two FIA commissions in the past and oversees the day to day sporting and commercial matters at Craft-Bamboo Racing.

Darryl O’Young, Director

Darryl O’Young is a championship winning driver with over 28 years of experience in motorsport. He is a three times Macau Grand Prix winner, two times Porsche Carrera Cup Asia champion and most recently the 2015 GT Asia Series Champion. Other accolades include victories at the Bathurst 12 Hour and the Sepang 12 Hour, as well as podium finishes at the historic 24 Hours of Le Mans and Daytona. Darryl oversees the day to day sporting and commercial programs for Craft-Bamboo Racing, with a primary focus on Asia business development. Darryl has acquired millions of dollars in sponsorships and executed marketing programs for a range of corporate enterprises and retail brands.

Russell O’Hagan, Operations Manager

Russell started as a Performance Engineer at Craft-Bamboo Racing in 2010, before being promoted to Project Manager in 2013. He has overseen the integration of key technical staff and has led several of the team’s global programs to great success, including the GT Asia drivers’ championship in 2015. Russell’s main background is in electrical engineering, with strong experience in race car and engine support engineering in the WTCC, BTCC, WEC and Le Mans. Russell is now Operations Manager and oversees all of Craft-Bamboo’s racing programs.

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Core Competencies

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Our projects with external clients are about helping them gain recognition as a global brand whilst innovating and showcasing technology that delivers maximum performance.

We aim to benefit both our companies in the long term, providing a real internal return on investment for our partners. Craft-Bamboo Racing is able to supply the experienced human resources to meet the challenge that is presented to us; all while maintaining strict control of any budget. We pull together all that is available within the organization and assist with management every step of the way.

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Core Competencies

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Craft-Bamboo Racing are experts in the field of design, employing a multitude of world class designers from world championship factory teams.

Drawing on their years of experience in the most competitive motorsport disciplines, our designers use a host of platforms to produce components for ourselves and our external clients. Our highly trained staff are proficient in a variety of areas that include:

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Suspension Kinematics
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Dynamometer & Bench testing
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Core Competencies

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Aerodynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Craft-Bamboo Racing has a close collaboration with a partner company based 8 miles away from our Silverstone location, in the heart of the UK’s motorsports valley.

Having access to excellent Aero and CFD resources is vital for any motorsport outfit and our close partner is one of the world leaders in simulation. Together we can provide the complete solution for any motorsport team’s aerodynamic or CFD engineering needs.

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Core Competencies

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Craft-Bamboo Racing is highly experienced at using various simulation techniques internally and externally to provide the best engineering solutions for our many race programmes and those of our partners and clients.

This is a crucial aspect in any racing discipline, particularly where circuit testing is limited. Simulation helps to reduce costs associated with any on track testing, not only saving money but also time. Our simulation techniques help to maximize efficiency before we have even reached the track and give us a head start on the competition.

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Core Competencies

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Race Team/Project Management

Winning championships is something that cannot be taught. Craft-Bamboo Racing brings the maturity needed to achieve this by not only winning races, but delivering a program that can win championships.

This takes patience, political knowledge, technical expertise, and strong management of drivers. We have the experience and a track record to back this up.

We are experts in race team management, enjoying success in many of motorsport’s top level international competitions. We have managed teams in the WTCC, TCR International Series, GT Asia Series, WEC and also the Asian Le Mans Series We also carry out work for other major motorsport companies as well as automotive OEM project work.

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Core Competencies

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Sports Politics

Craft-Bamboo Racing is well versed in both technical and sporting regulations. We have been involved in various sporting committees, sporting working groups and commissions, as well as the legislation of three major race series.

Several of our top level staff have held positions within the FIA and have many key allies within this institution. As a company and as individuals we have enjoyed good relationships with manufacturers including GM, Volkswagen Audi Group, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Mahindra, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Volvo, BMW, and Citroen.

We have been involved with many large scale commercial deals, in the driver market, with major suppliers and also our partners. Craft Bamboo is well placed to advise, introduce and negotiate series sponsors, suppliers and partners for a variety of top level championships.

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Core Competencies

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Marketing and PR

Craft-Bamboo Racing has a strong in-house PR and marketing team based in both Hong Kong and England where they focus on delivering a package that is catered specifically for each team partner.

We have experience working with several types of partners, including car manufacturers, oil companies, OEM’s, mass beverage, advertising firms, watch brands, and architecture firms, making us highly skilled at giving our partners the greatest coverage and return on their investment.

Craft Bamboo Racing’s experienced PR team offers a range of public relations services to both drivers and teams looking to maximize their exposure to the public and wider motorsport community. These packages can be specifically tailored to suit the coverage and needs of each individual and series.




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